The Lounge

(A No Reservation Required Experience)

Enter through the hand riveted door into a world of pure imagination where nothing is off limits. Drinks fizzle, fog and boil from the fire beneath them. A cocktail and small plates menu that is sure to intrigue you from its peculiar ingredients and techniques. No expense is spared as you submerge yourself in the experience that is Daniello’s.


(Reservations recommended)

Have you ever wondered what happens when you tell a child not to play with their food? Meet Chef Michael McDermott. A Boston native with a passion to create vibrant culinary masterpieces with new innovative techniques. In his kitchen all bets are off, nothing is off limits. After two decades of producing stellar Italian fare, he’s stepping out to bring you so much more. Join us on this journey, where things aren’t always what they seem.

House Rules

  • No flash photography

  • No cell phone

  • Proper dress is recommended (no ripped jeans, hoodies, etc.)

  • Please exit using the back door

  • Perfection takes time! Be patient.

Joseph Daniello

Kraftbar Airstream outsite

In 1931 a man named Joseph Daniello traveled from Italy to start a family in America. He was granted citizenship from Ellis Island. But after many failed attempts to retain employment due to his heritage and last name, he changed it. McDermott became our family name from then on. Like my family this restaurant has many hidden truths.  The underground tunnels that lead beneath Vernon Street used both for the means to run moonshine during the prohibition era and brothels in the city. The numerous hidden trap doors within Daniello’s is testament to a truly discreet time.