Dining Menu



*Wine Pairing .. 60

Breaking Bread
Baker and cake maker sourdough pain, Butter Board

Shikoku oyster
wasabi mignonette, accoutrements
(1/2 dozen or dozen)

Spamin’ salmon
kurobuta pork spam, smoked sockeye salmon fondue’, gruyere gougere


Prosciutto e burro
Serrano ham, aged cheddar, sunflower sprouts, baguette

She-crab soup
A southern staple

Everyday I’m trufflin
Pappardelle , porcini, portabella, black summer truffle, popcorn milk.


Filet mignon, garlic butter confit
The finest tenderloin cut available 8 Oz

Prime New York, 12 OZ
For true steak connoisseurs, umami bomb crusted

Tomahawk rib eye, 32 OZ
A graceful, arched rib bone sets off this extremely tender steak, finished table side

Stone Axe Australian Wagyu flank BMS 10
Intricate marbling, rich buttery flavor


pommes aligot
French whipped potato & gruyere

pimento cheese grits
Polenta, pimento and cheddar

Liquid gold cavatappi ‘n cheese
aged cheddar, pasta, sour cream cheddar crust

Garlic pomme-frites

sautéed mushrooms
medley of wild mushrooms


Thandai Creme Brûlée
Flavors of vanilla, almond, orange and Sichuan pepper

Pain au almonde’
Crispy Croissant filled with almond pastry cream